ABOUT USA few reasons for choosing us

The goal of Xposure is to provide quality out-of-school programming that helps children and adolescents tie and apply what they are learning in school in the real world. Our belief is that a holistic learning approach to exploring the world is needed early in a child’s development. This opens their eyes to the infinite number of opportunities they have. It also helps them to become successful and productive members of society. Our Programs are designed to meet the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of youths by:

  • Offering enriching age-appropriate STEAM infused project-based learning activities that help promotes exploration, discovery, confidence, self-esteem, and responsibility
  • Helping children build financial literacy and work ethics in an interesting, engaging, and skills-rich way.
  • Providing children a safe and secure environment staffed by competent, caring, qualified child care professionals.
  • Providing an atmosphere that promotes positive, social, and emotional development.

The Xposure Program Model is flexible, which allows us to easily change course to adapt to choice. trends, current events and partner hierarchy of needs

3D Modeling/Printing
Art/ Animation Illustration
Dance and Athletics
Music Production
Broadcasting Youtube/Podcast Multimedia